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theBigRocks Pictures of the Week!

Photography is a side hobby of mine. While my hobby might not apply to helping teams through change in a text book sense, sometimes I notice little things when looking through the lens and it just clicks for me…

I snapped the following pics during the Fourth of July Parade in Truckee, California last week. It was a marvelous morning to celebrate American Independence Day and the festivities did not disappoint.

The light-hearted atmosphere of the parade and some of the outlandish floats that passed by reminded me of how important it is for all of us – especially Change Agents – to be authentic. It might be even more important to do so when we are playing a part that differs from our daily role.

…So today’s advice is Change Agent Tip #37: Be Yourself!

Don’t Be Shy:

Your best idea might not make sense to others initially. But if you really believe you have something great to offer, stick with it. Who knows? Maybe it will just take a while for people to see where it fits.  You may need to explain yourself a few times, but it’ll be worth it when you see others riding your best idea across the finish line.

Play Your Role:

Parades usually involve a cast of characters.

Here are two distant ends of the spectrum.

The guy on the left sold me an ice cold bottle of water on a hot day…

The guy with the stovepipe hat reminded me what real leadership looks like.

Whether you’re providing a necessary service or driving the entire operation, play the role with gusto and people will appreciate the effort.

Dress It Up:

A costume can say a lot about the person inside…

Sometimes it represents an aspiration…

Sometimes it makes a statement…

In any case, it says a lot about the wearer that they feel proud enough to show the world what they care about!  I’d suggest that Change Agents shouldn’t be afraid to show their true colors. Go ahead and wear your passion on your sleeve.

Kick Back: Finally, it’s important to take a little time to celebrate the good times and the recognize the results of your hard work. You’ve earned it!

If you like these pics or enjoy sharing shots and chatting about photography, here’s a link to my Flickr Photostream:

Steve’s Flickr Photostream

Frame It Up: Remember that it’s a lot easier to relate to your stakeholders when you’re being authentic. So celebrate what’s unique about you and leverage the talents and skills you have… and don’t be afraid to be yourself!


Questions for Chatter:

  • Have you ever been frustrated by a leader or a peer who tried to “change their stripes” during a change… then went back to their old ways afterwards?
  • What message does it send to other stakeholders when a Change Agent is less than authentic?

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  • team success

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