At Last… Spring Has Arrived!

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theBigRocks-SunflowerFew things please the human senses more than the arrival of Spring.

In some years, that joy is magnified by the experience of a harsh winter.

Such is the case for a lot of my friends in the Northern United States this year. They had one of the longest, most miserable winters in recent memory. For some reason, this winter seemed to linger way beyond its normal duration.

summit ski house3Storm after storm rolled through, dumping down unwelcome snow and ice.

People started to wonder if their calendars were lying to them.

Judging by the flurry of candid Facebook photos my friends posted this past weekend – showing people bike-riding, picnicking and doing just about anything as long as it’s done outdoors – I’d say they appreciated the arrival of Spring 2013 a little bit more than most.

In dozens of blog posts over the past several years, I’ve talked about something called the “change curve”. It’s a well-worn theory that people go through a process as they adapt to change.



Sometimes that adoption process moves along smoothly, but many times it stalls out in a “pit of despair”.  Sometimes all progress toward change adoption hits a brick wall when a person recognizes the true impact of their pending choices. Eventually that realization leads people toward a decision whether to adopt the change or just plain leave.

theBigRocks-Spring-BannerAs a Change Agent, you’ll often be asked to help guide people through dark, chilly times like that.

So bundle up and dig in, because it won’t be easy… At times it will feel like a blustery season of discontent.

But the satisfaction you’ll feel when your stakeholders “make it through” that curve will be worth it.

It may even feel a bit like the warm, welcome sunshine my friends up North enjoyed this weekend after a long, cold winter.


Question for Chatter:

  • How can you help someone who’s struggling to face a difficult change?


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