In Praise of Procrastination

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Sometimes it’s best to just quit.

Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

Before you panic and think that I’ve changed my entire proactive approach to helping organizations deal with change, let me explain.

3D_PrintingIn today’s collection of change-related links from around the internet, we have stories about why it may make sense to procrastinate when tackling big tasks and why it might be a good idea to quit doing a few very specific unproductive things.

Enjoy the list. Pass it along and make it a great week!


1.  News from Another Dimension: In case anyone doubted the growing reality of 3D printing, this plainly-written article by gives a simple overview of what’s coming and what’s already here.

I suspect that early adopters of this technology will be driving a lot of work for Change Agents in the manufacturing and distribution industries.


2.  Killing 2 Birds With 1 Cup: Not sure how effective it is, but apparently there’s a nifty gizmo that can charge your cellphone with a hot cup of coffee.



The coaster contains an element that turns the heat (or cold) emitting from your cup of java juice into the kind of juice that can power your favorite tech-toy. 

I think I need one.


3.  Are You Leading a Royal Rumble of Crisis Junkies? Liane Davey, Ph.D. of Knightsbridge Human Capital offers a downloadable e-Book on Toxic teams. She suggests that toxic teams come in 5 types:


– Crisis Junkies

– Bobbleheads

– Bleeding Back Team

– Spectators

– and a Royal Rumble

The monikers alone make the e-Book sound intriguing. 

It also includes a diagnostic quiz to help you determine what kind of team you have and what you can do to improve their effectiveness.


4.  Why So Afraid of Commitment? Charlie at HR Fishbowl has an interesting take on the argument that all employee retention boils down to a fair ‘wage’ for an honest day’s ‘work. Even if that ‘wage’ includes perks, recognition, challenge, etc. and the definition of ‘work’ changes nearly every day.

I didn’t agree with it when I first read it… but he’s actually got a great point.

QuitI love it when a writer can make a change guy change his mind…

It gives me hope.


5.  I Just Don’t Care Anymore: From Marc & Angel Hack Life we have a fine list of ten things we should all quit caring about immediately. The list includes some solid recommendations about letting go of our vain attempts to please everyone and trying instead to set realistic and helpful standards for ourselves.


When it comes to that kind of quitting, I agree!


6.  Finally! My Life-Long Commitment to Foot-Dragging is Vindicated! A cool site called 99U summarizes a theory called “Structured Procrastination that we can employ to get more work done by breaking big jobs into little chunks and procrastinating more often.

So I urge you all to get busy procrastinating!

That is, of course, when you get around to it… 


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