Change Agent Tip #2: Communicate Using Multiple Channels

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Change Agents seeking to plant key messages about their change in the minds of stakeholders must compete with a growing cacophony of information being fed to their target audience. A great way to be heard is to deliver consistent, clear messages using many different channels.Here’s a short list of stakeholder channels I’ve seen or used on past projects:

  1. Websites (decide if it’s for internal or external stakeholders).
  2. Emails or memos to stakeholders (keep them short).
  3. Town Hall Meetings to share progress & expectations.
  4. Online Meetings using tools like WebEx, Mikogo or GoToMeeeting*.
  5. Road Shows where team members visit field locations to share information, listen and gather feedback from front-line stakeholders.
  6. Tag-Alongs where your change is included on the agenda of staff meetings or other gatherings.
  7. Newsletters (…not exactly green, but I still see them used…)
  8. Bulletin boards / posters around the work area.
  9. Facebook pages (especially if you need to engage external stakeholders long after the project).
  10. Twitter handles or project-specific hash tags.

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Question for Chatter:

  • What other innovative communication methods have you used?

Disclaimer: I wasn’t compensated for mentioning Webex, GoToMeeting or Mikogo.

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