Above the Clouds

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I was flying cross-country the other day after a long week of work when I noticed this beautiful scene out the window.

It reminded me that most things worth doing involve some hidden elements. They may also be bigger and more complex than they first appear. But that shouldn’t frighten us away from taking them on.

When we are at our best, Agents of Change not only see the same obstacles and goals that everyone else sees plainly exposed.

They can also see, in their mind’s eye, the benefits and risks that others may have shrouded in clouds of fear or doubt.

When we are at our best, we don’t just try to convince people that the goal is worth climbing for.

We lift them up.

We carry them to a point of view where they can see what we can see. And by doing so, we can help them work through the clouds and climb on.


Questions for Chatter:

  • What clouds are shrouding your team’s vision of its goal?
  • How can you help them see the positive future that you see?

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