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Today’s collection of topics from around the internet includes some insights on Social Media, Project Management and The Pursuit of Perfection.





1.  Vast Goals Require More than a Half-Vast Strategy: Change Agents (and Sponsors) take note: It’s hard to accomplish big changes without a well-formed strategy and rigorous follow-through. In this Op-Ed, Thomas Friedman writes about how the real problems in Washington are a lack of vision and the courage to take risks.


2. 100 Fascinating Facts About Social Media in 1 Nifty Infographic: Considering that social media didn’t even exist a few years ago, it’s amazing to look back at how pervasive it has become. In case you didn’t know:


– When Do They Sleep? 50% of smartphones connect to FaceBook every hour of every day.

– A Whole Lot of Lurking Going On: 40% of Twitter users have never sent a single tweet.

– Google+ is for Boys and Pinterest is for Girls… Google+ membership is 69% male & 29% female while Pinterest users are 79% female and 21% male. Even more interesting: according to the graphic, 2% of Google+ users are neither male nor female.

– Smile! You’re on Candid Camera… Every minute, 700 videos are uploaded to YouTube. …and just 30% of all posted videos account for 99% of all video plays on YouTube.

Click here to see lots more on this topic.


3. Separate the PM Wheat From the Chaff: This article asks “What is the Secret of Project Management?The answer: not one thing, but a bunch of things… There’s a great list of tips for PM’s of any skill level. I absolutely agree with the author’s assertion that ““PMP certification does not in itself make a PM more capable; it simply proves that you have the requisite project management experience and can pass the multiple-choice certification exam.”PMI Logo Color w-Trade and Name10-2006

4. Will They Stay or Will They Go?  More insight on Project Management from the Arras People blog: How to verify your PM’s are feeling valued plus rewarding the PM’s that add the most value to your company’s bottom line using a concept called EVP: Employee Value Proposition.

5.  I Don’t Remember Liking That… ? According to Forbes, it turns out Facebook has not only been tracking what we “like” but they’re also planning to use that data to market to your friends. While I doubt people are surprised anymore by Facebook stories like this, it kind of makes you hesitant to express any personal opinion in public, eh?   

Maria Konnikova

6. How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes.  Seriously. That’s what Maria Konnikova offers in her new book: Mastermind. Check out this LinkedIn review by Steve Rubel called “Boost Your Mindfulness

7. If You Haven’t Got Time to Do It Right, You’ll Never Find Time to Do It Over: My Dad used to say that. He also said that ”…anything worth doing is worth doing right” – especially if the easy way delivers crummy results… Here’s a similar sentiment from Adam Dachis at Lifehacker: Pursue What’s Best Even When It’s Inconvenient

Until next time, shoot me any links that catch your eye and I’ll share them here.

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