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Earth-Plugged-InSometimes the easiest way to drive change adoption is to demonstrate where a given change coincides with another person’s natural motivations. So is the case with conserving energy.

It saves money.

It’s also good for the environment.

In honor of Earth Day, this week I’m sharing a few easy ways we can impact our world for the better.

Today’s focus is on saving energy.


Here are 5 simple tips to cut your electricity bill:

Philips_MASTER_LED_bulb1.  Use Smarter Light Bulbs: The basic operation behind the incandescent light bulb is largely unchanged since it was invented over 100 years ago. I’ll bet Thomas Edison wasn’t thinking much about cutting his light bill when he flipped that switch on the first marketable filament bulb. 

Even though the technology is far more efficient today, it pales in comparison to that of Compact Fluorescents and LED’s. Of course the new bulbs are much more expensive per bulb to install, but they pay off in the long run.

If you find the cost of these new high tech bulbs a bit steep, consider buying one package of CFL’s or one LED bulb per month and gradually swapping out those heat-generating incandescent dinosaurs.


2.  Kill the Vampires! Unplug stuff when you’re not using it – especially cords that plug in with those big black cubes. These “vampires” suck a certain amount of electricity even when idle, so unplug them in between charges or only use them with a “smart power strip” that senses when energy is not needed. 

It’s kind of like whacking a wooden stake through their energy-wasting hearts…

microwave3.  Nuke it! Use your Microwave to cook instead of using the oven or stove top. The microwave is far more efficient and obviously faster.  

Avoiding the oven all together also keeps your house cooler in the summer.


4.  Lighten Your Laundry Load: Line dry your clothes as much as possible. Consider getting a cheap clothes rack or hanging stuff over chairs, towel bars or a shower rod to dry overnight. Line-dried jeans might start out a bit stiff, but you’ll feel good stretching them out because you’ll know you did the right thing…


5.  Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Use dryer balls to keep the clothes you do toss in the dryer from clumping up and taking longer to dry. Yes, they actually work.

Try a few of these energy-saving pointers this week. You’ll save a bit of money and contribute to the larger cause of saving the planet. That’s the kind of impact a Change Agent can be proud of.

Tomorrow we’ll continue the Earth Day theme by taking a stab at that Air Conditioning and Heating bill.


Question for Chatter:

What other energy-saving tips have you tried?


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