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icon-earthDuring this Earth Day week, I’ve been sharing ways that Change Agents can go beyond the walls of their workplace to contribute to a bigger change: sustaining the planet.

So far we’ve looked at three areas where we can easily make a positive impact:

Monday: Ten Ways to Conserve Water.

Tuesday: Five Simple Tips to Trim Our Use of Electricity.

Wednesday: A Dozen Ways to Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs.

Today, I’ll address another area where Change Agents can adjust their habits and really contribute to the world around them: Transportation.

Bucharest_circuit_mapLet’s Get This Show on the Road! Consider the following ways we can use personal transportation to a lesser degree.

By doing this, we reduce pollution, save money and change the environment in a good way for everyone around us.

Here are 5 transportation tips that might work for you:best-online-meeting-software

1.  Queue up your Errands. Instead of running out 2-3 times a day to get one or two things, plan to go out just once per day – or better yet, just a few times per week. We keep an index card or a scrap of paper on the kitchen counter and build a list of what we’ll need and then knock out several errands in one trip.

2.  Make a Loop: Arrange your stops in a circuit so you don’t waste gas or time by back-tracking.

3.  Phone It In: If your job allows it, telecommute when you can. I regularly use NetMeeting, WebEx, Skype and the good old Conference Call technology to join my clients in meetings from my home office.

(I’ve heard that MeetingBurner and OmniJoin are very good too, so check them out if you get a chance.  I’m not sure if DimDim is still around but I used it a lot a few years ago.)

Do the math: Just one day of telecommuting per week should reduce your transportation costs by 20%. Depending on your situation, this approach might also save you money on parking, car maintenance, lunches and highway tolls.

Train-station4.  Take a Bus, Train or Subway. This doesn’t work for everyone, but plenty of folks are so good at it don’t even bother owning a car.

5.  Ride a Bike or Walk. This is another tip that might not work all the time, but it might apply to some of those short trips and situations where you don’t have to carry lots of heavy stuff. We live near a university and we’ve noticed a regular flow of bike-riding commuters who live in our neighborhood.

Bike-to-Work Month! Several cities are participating in the National Bike-to-Work Month during the month of May. Some communities will focus on biking for a day, a week or the entire month. Apply a little Google Magic and you can find out what’s going on with that in your neck of the woods.


Check out National Bike-to-Work Month

Two Birds. One Stone: In addition to the cost savings and the obvious environmental positives, biking and walking are among the most efficient ways to exercise!


So Let’s Get Movin’! Being a Change Agent for the planet not only helps put change back in our pockets, it helps us improve the world around us and feel better about the way we interact with our environment.  Try a few of these locomotion tips and see if you feel better about your transportation habits in no time.


Our Next Stop is Greenville! Tomorrow’s article will touch on an area where you can feel pretty good by changing just a few simple habits every day: Recycling and Reusing.


Questions for Chatter:

In what other ways can we reduce our transportation costs & environmental impact?


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