Father’s Day Tribute

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June 19th is Father’s Day in the United States and a lot of Dads are getting new neckties and barbecue aprons to replace the ones they got last year.

I lost my Dad a few years ago and it was a stark reminder that we are all on this Earth for a limited time – and those who love us and depend upon us will hopefully miss us when we’re gone.

I miss everything about my Dad.  I miss his consistency, his simplicity and his honesty.  I miss his work ethic, his common sense and his laugh. But I know he’s still around because I see a lot of his characteristics in my own boys.

So today I have nothing to say about guiding change… I only have a simple message to encourage you to call or visit your Dad this weekend if you are lucky enough to have that opportunity.

To wrap up, I wrote this little bit of prose a while back to sum up a lesson my Dad taught me about being honest and to share a few things we’ve tried to teach our boys about being true to themselves:

We used to tell our little boys as they grew daily older:
Your reputation lives within the eyes of your beholder.

You can try ‘most anything that’s good for you or other.
Or tell things less than true to me or even to your mother.
You can cheat or you can scam or you can blur the borders.
But I hope one day you’ll see the sense behind our little orders.
‘Cause what you do while I can see you tells me what you’re ‘fraid of.
But what you do while no one’s watching tells me what you’re made of.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads!


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  1. Mark Naumann says:

    That’s a real heartfelt article, Steve. My dad is gone, too. Thanks for sharing.

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