Executing Strategy and the Comfort Zone

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This week’s stash of articles has ideas about inclusive leadership, taking on the tough work of implementing the strategies we dream up and an overview of the “Levers of Change”.


Enjoy the material, pass it along to your friends and continue to send along your ideas for future posts.



1. No Employee Left Behind: My friend Dale Holmgren ofWorking_Together_Teamwork_Puzzle RBA Consulting suggested this Forbes article by Amy Rees Anderson on why “Every Person Matters in a Company, and Why There is No Such Thing as an Insignificant Position.

LV Sign2. What Happens in Vegas: Here’s a meaningless – but eye-catching tidbit: According to VegasMeansBusiness.com, the 150,245 hotel rooms in Las Vegas could host the entire population of Cincinnati, Ohio – as long as they bunked up two to a room.  Flag_of_Cincinnati,_Ohio

I’m not sure if it surprised me more to learn that Sin City was that big or that The Queen City was really that small?


3. Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst: Organizations rarely get the chance to tackle change under perfect conditions, so it’s important to consider what Alexandria Marx of DM Creative has to say about how Change Agents and Sponsors can exercise transformational leadership under ideal and not-so-ideal situations. Different situations call for different styles of leadership – especially if your situation requires that you generate a high level of creativity from those you are leading.


Strategy_thumb4.  Imagining the Future is the Easy Part – Creating the Future Is Hard Work! Most Change Agents would probably agree that it’s more fun to dream up strategy than it is to execute it. It’s critical that we don’t mistake the ethereal art of visioning with the nuts and bolts trench work of actually making strategic change happen. 

In this article from Ken Favaro of the strategy + business blog is called: How Leaders Mistake Execution for Strategy (and Why That Damages Both), Change Agents are asked to step out of the comfort zone of talking about change and into the danger zone of execution.


Manon-Champgne5. Levers of Change: Thanks to @manonaplus on Twitter (Manon Chamapgne of APlusTransition) for this straight-to-the-point & useful view of the change transition process based on the “five levers of sustainable changes”.


6.  A Visual Self-Portrait: Check out how Social Media is becoming more and more graphical. Of course it’s an infographic! 


w-macncheese298. The Ultimate Comfort Food: It’s been a long, cold Winter across most of the US and nothing warms my heart like hot Mac and Cheese. I’m always interested in new ways to prepare it, so we were pleased to find this infographic showing dozens of ‘made-from scratch’ Mac and Cheese combinations. With a variety of pastas, seasonings and cheeses to consider, there might even be enough options to get us through until Spring…

Until next time, stay warm and keep cooking up change!


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