Changing Minds

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I took this photo of the Truckee River in Northeast California late one evening this past summer. It was getting dark, so I wasn’t sure if there was even enough light to get the shot.

I tried about 25 different combinations of exposure, shutter speed, ISO, etc. I even snapped some combinations twice in case I wasn’t holding the camera steady. The little screen on the back of my DSLR wasn’t adequate for judging the quality of the results, so I just kept shooting. I hoped that at least one good frame would show up when I uploaded the contents of the card.

Sometimes Change can be like that. If you bet your change on one big decision or one big pronouncement, there’s a good chance it might flop. If you dogmatically stick to one approach even when you can’t measure progress toward change adoption, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

You could be better off trying a few different settings and taking multiple shots. Based on adoption results, you may need to change your mind about how you’re changing the minds of your stakeholders.

I’m certainly not saying that Change Agent work is a “shotgun” profession or a “hit or miss” proposition. There are plenty of rigorous techniques that work.

I’m just saying that you might need to mix it up and change your approach from time to time.

For example, I’m pretty sure I would have gone home empty-handed that night if I had only taken one shot of the Truckee River before heading home.


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