One Person Can Change the World – Again

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During the week surrounding Earth Day 2013, I wrote one of the most popular series of articles in the history of this blog.  

It was all about how each of us can be Change Agents for more than just some new market expansion, business transformation, or technology adoption.

We can change the planet for the better, one person at a time by demonstrating stewardship for the great gifts we have been entrusted with.

No, I’m not a hippy nor a tree-hugger, but I can appreciate where those folks are coming from.  

So in honor of Earth Day 2015, here is a summary with links to the five articles I did as an Earth Day series in 2013.

Enjoy, and pass it along!


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1.  Change How You View Water – and Save More Than Money.

The first article is about changing our perspective on water, and how we use it. You’d be surprised what a positive impact it can have to try any of these ten tips to improve your stewardship of water.

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2. Go Easy on the Juice.

In this post, I offer ways that you an I can be more responsible in our use of electricity and save a ton of money on our electric bill in the process.

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3. Change a Habit – Save a Planet.

Twelve ways that you can improve your interior environment, leverage cool new “internet of things” technology and save big bucks by reducing your air conditioning and heating costs.


4. Green and Going!

Use these 5 transportation-related tips to get around without total reliance on personal transportation. By doing this, we reduce pollution, save money and change the environment in a good way for everyone around us.


5. A Second Life and Then Some.

Finally, this article focused on how we can cut down on the pile of junk we throw out every week and hopefully reduce the amount of worthless trash that gets dumped into landfills or incinerators. It’s amazing what can be done with recyclables…

There You Have it.

If you found any or all of these article informative, please send your friends to and maybe together we can have a positive impact on the world around us!


PS: Thanks for your patience Change Agents! …next time we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.


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