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Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 25, 2010 2 Comments by

Today’s post offers a bit of levity for the holiday… . Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Let’s eat until we pop. Let’s watch some football all day long. From noon to night non-stop. . . . We’ll gorge ourselves on turkey, and fill ourselves with pie. So much the TSA won’t dare to touch us when we […]

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I Didn’t Even Realize I Was Baking

Nov 10, 2010 3 Comments by

As a part of rolling out big changes, I sometimes teach a series of workshops called Project Management-101. In the workshops, I help change teams understand and apply the most basic techniques of project management to reach their goals. One of the most refreshing things about helping people who are new to this field is […]

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When Shall We Be Free?

Oct 21, 2010 1 Comment

Yesterday I talked about how important it is to have a clear purpose for your meetings.  Today I want to focus on how you can honor the time investment that people make when they attend your group gatherings. When Shall We Be Free? Have you ever found yourself checking your watch, iPhone, laptop or a […]

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Follow theBigRocks on Twitter, RSS & eMail

Oct 19, 2010 No Comments

Keep up with the latest observations from theBigRocks and me (Steve Chihos) on Twitter by adding @chihos to the list of those you follow. Click the Subscribe link on the menu bar above to get an email alert whenever a fresh post goes up on this site. Click the RSS link on the very top […]

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Meet the New Boss – Same as the Old Boss

Oct 12, 2010 No Comments

I had a few people ask me to post a pair of follow up questions to yesterday’s article about what a new boss can do to get off on the right foot.  So here they are: (You can click “leave a comment” below or click the title of this post to get a page that […]

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… a Question of Sponsorship

Sep 15, 2010 3 Comments

Following up on the post earlier this week about Sponsorship, I wanted to get your opinions on the following question which I first posed a few weeks ago. You may click multiple items and your comments would be especially helpful. After you vote, let’s consider the impact of your answers. How did you answer? Of […]

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Subscribe & RSS Now Available

Sep 08, 2010 1 Comment

Fans of theBigRocks, Subscribe Me: We’ve added a “subscribe” page on the top menu bar that allows you to subscribe to a list of visitors who get an email whenever a fresh post is uploaded.  Of course I promise not to send spam or marketing junk using the list… If you are an RSS fan: […]

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theBigRocks is on Facebook!

Sep 05, 2010 No Comments

Hey Everyone! As part of the launch this weekend, we’ve created an official Facebook fan page for the blog. Check it out by searching for “” next time you hit up Facebook and click the <like> button to begin following us there! We’ll use the fan page to promote discussions, contests and blog postings, so […]

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10 Reasons Change Initiatives SUCCEED! (Part-1)

Aug 28, 2010 2 Comments

This is Diane McWade.  She’s the Owner of The Evolution Network in Edinburg, UK and she brought up a great point on a LinkedIn Organizational Change discussion forum the other day: “It’s fascinating how people love to talk about why change initiatives fail.  Why do they succeed? Would seem to me to be a more […]

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Horror Stories About Change

Aug 25, 2010 No Comments

I figured out how to follow up on yesterday’s Zombie theme! Tell me your greatest change-related horror stories. To get the discussion going, here is a quick survey: I have also posted a tame version of this question on LinkedIn and I will submit some of the best stories from those comments under this post. […]

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$165K for Zombies… Seriously?

Aug 24, 2010 1 Comment

Undead Fakers Win $165,000 from the City of Minneapolis The City of Minneapolis recently paid $165,000 to settle a lawsuit with a group of seven disaffected citizens who had taken to the streets of the 2006 Minneapolis Aquatennial dressed as zombies to protest against “mindless consumerism”.  A long strange story ensued… but suffice to say, […]

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theBigRocks will be Tweetin’!

Aug 20, 2010 No Comments

Keep up with the latest observations from theBigRocks and me (Steve Chihos) on Twitter by adding @chihos to the list of those you follow. As always: pass it along to your friends and help us build the network! -Steve

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theBigRocks is Going Live!

Aug 06, 2010 2 Comments

theBigRocks of Change blog will be going live soon! Let me know if you want to help me verify the site is working before we invite the world inside…

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