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Rooting Out Resistance to Change

Jul 31, 2011 3 Comments by

Every change is subject to some level of resistance and stakeholders will express it in any number of ways. Instead of simply tolerating resistance or cowering in the face of it – Change Agents should seek out the loudest detractors and leverage the momentum they can provide. The first steps to converting negative resistance into […]

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Treat Your Change As a Project

Jun 26, 2011 4 Comments by

Sometimes the work of Change Agents gets labeled as being “soft” stuff. I agree that the best Change Agents have great “soft skills” in the areas of communication, adult learning, facilitation and problem-solving. But another set of skills that are often associated with project management are equally critical to a successful change effort. I encourage […]

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Change Agent Tip #4: Be Careful Driving the Bus

Jun 20, 2011 4 Comments

Sponsors and Change Agents often use a common metaphor when they encourage the targets of their change to “get on the bus before it leaves“. When it comes to helping people deal with change, the only outcomes worse than seeing stakeholders miss that bus could be seeing them get on the wrong bus or even […]

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Change Agent Tip #2: Communicate Using Multiple Channels

Jun 08, 2011 No Comments

Change Agents seeking to plant key messages about their change in the minds of stakeholders must compete with a growing cacophony of information being fed to their target audience. A great way to be heard is to deliver consistent, clear messages using many different channels.Here’s a short list of stakeholder channels I’ve seen or used […]

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100 Tips – 200 Words – 300 Days

Jun 05, 2011 2 Comments

This week we’re starting a new series on theBigRocks called “100 Tips for Change Agents” and we will need your help!  We’re looking for suggestions to help Change Agents as they tackle organizational change challenges of all sizes, types and dimensions. Here’s My Part: Here are my three guiding principles as keeper of the list: […]

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He Said – She Said – They Said – We Said

Jun 04, 2011 1 Comment

One of the more famous movie lines from the 1960’s comes from the Paul Newman classic “Cool Hand Luke”.  A road prison guard (played by the late, great character actor Strother Martin) addressed what he had just discovered to be the reason why a prisoner named Luke (played by Newman) keeps trying to escape: “What […]

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The Great Soda vs Pop Debate

May 25, 2011 7 Comments

It was sweltering Saturday in my Florida backyard, so I took a break from my lawn work and grabbed an ice cold pop to quench my thirst. Say What? Did I just call my soft drink a “Pop”? Yes.  And here’s why: A while back, a cool graphic circulated around the internet showing the various […]

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ASUG Update

May 16, 2011 No Comments

Welcome to Orlando! Welcome to everyone who is in town for this week’s gathering of the America’s SAP User’s Group (ASUG) in Orlando, Florida! I will be co-presenting at the conference with a client. The details of our session are below: “Building a Learning Culture to Support Your SAP Software Investment” Wednesday May 18th, 11:30-12:30 […]

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Follow the Leader

May 14, 2011 1 Comment

In my last post, I discussed a great ground rule that one of my executive teams used to stay focused and aligned for the duration of a long change project: “Disagree in private – Support each other in public without quibbling, undermining or waffling – Without exception.” The steering team employed the first part of […]

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Focus on Alignment

May 07, 2011 No Comments

How can a leadership team stay focused and aligned over the long haul? I once worked with an executive team that used the following ground rule to maintain alignment over the course of a 2-year change project: “Disagree in private – Support each other in public without quibbling, undermining or waffling – Without exception.” Making […]

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Overcoming a Fear of Tackling Change

Apr 03, 2011 No Comments

What challenge would you tackle if you truly had nothing to lose? I was inspired by the story of 66-year old Helen Dunsford of Oakland Park, Florida who authorities say thwarted a bank robbery while those around her remained petrified with fear. “One Brave Old Lady”: The heroic woman grabbed 32-year-old bank bandit Renee Lee […]

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The Case for Fun

Mar 20, 2011 No Comments

The NCAA men’s college basketball tournament is in full swing this weekend and fans across the country are glued to their televisions and web browsers to catch all the action. It’s become an annual Spring ritual in many organizations to run an office pool based on picking the winners of the tournament games. Costly Fun: […]

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Six Rules for Communication

Feb 06, 2011 3 Comments

Those guiding organizational change spend a good deal of their time helping people communicate.  Sometimes a communicator’s best intentions can go awry if they ignore a few simple rules for communication effectiveness.  Today I will offer six basic rules that you should consider when sending out messages to large groups of stakeholders. Here’s my short […]

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Listening Cycles

Jan 30, 2011 1 Comment

Studies have claimed that the average person has thousands of advertisements thrown in front of their eyes and ears each day.  Most people get dozens if not hundreds of emails per day.  Add to that the signs, billboards, newsletters and announcements and you have a cacophony of messages vying for people’s attention. With all of […]

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8 Ways to Deal with Resistance to Change

Jan 16, 2011 7 Comments

Resistance happens. Even with Change Agents. In fact, you’re setting your change initiative up for failure if your strongest supporters are blindly “selling it” without having thought through their own concerns or those of your stakeholders. In my last post, I told the story of traveling home this past week using an e-Boarding Pass for […]

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Now Boarding: Resistance

Jan 14, 2011 1 Comment

I’m a change agent.  I help my clients discover the change agents inside their organizations and build their skills to affect change. But that doesn’t mean I always dive willingly into change myself.  Case in point… The other day I flew from Minneapolis to Orlando on a business trip. This was my boarding pass: The […]

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Shoffee Picks a Win-Win When

Jan 08, 2011 5 Comments

Q: When is the perfect time for a business to introduce a major change? A: There is no perfect time. But you can choose an optimal time based on your internal & external business cycles and the expectations of your customers. One Great Cup of Joe I had a great customer experience recently with the […]

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