Attitude Determines Altitude

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    No single factor can make or break your success as a Change Agent more directly than the attitude you choose to bring to your work.

    An honest, upbeat attitude can help you be helpful to others. It can enable you to create your own luck and build unseen momentum for your change.

    Just as a positive attitude can yield unexpected good results, so can a negative attitude plant hidden seeds of failure.

    Change Agents who harbor a doubtful, commiserating attitude might be inviting resistance to their own change.

    Take stock of your attitude toward your change:

– Do you personally support the change? If you believe in the change, show it!

– Do you have serious doubts? If so, get your concerns out in the open and get your questions answered.

Only then will you be free to rise above the fray and be fully effective guiding others toward a shared goal.


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