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It’s not about you. It’s about THEM!

Jan 31, 2013 1 Comment by

Today’s article is written by a guest author. Jay Surti is a coach, NLP Trainer and mentor with a passion for authentic communication.   She’s a former litigation lawyer who now works with corporate executives to help them with leadership development and transforming their communication.   Here are Jay’s thoughts on why authenticity matters and […]

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Above the Clouds

Jan 27, 2013 No Comments by

I was flying cross-country the other day after a long week of work when I noticed this beautiful scene out the window. It reminded me that most things worth doing involve some hidden elements. They may also be bigger and more complex than they first appear. But that shouldn’t frighten us away from taking them […]

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The Data Made Me Do It

Jan 22, 2013 No Comments

“No plan survives contact with the enemy.” – Field Marshall Helmuth von Moltke (as paraphrased in The Swordbearers : Studies in Supreme Command in the First World War (1963) by Correlli Barnett Resistance to change, unexpected stakeholder challenges and failed adoption are all enemies of successful change. Change Agents should heed the Field Marshall’s insight and expect that they […]

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Changing Minds

Jan 10, 2013 No Comments

I took this photo of the Truckee River in Northeast California late one evening this past summer. It was getting dark, so I wasn’t sure if there was even enough light to get the shot. I tried about 25 different combinations of exposure, shutter speed, ISO, etc. I even snapped some combinations twice in case […]

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This and That

Jan 07, 2013 No Comments

As promised, today’s post is a quick collection of links related to Change and other topics I found interesting. Click around to read more and use the comment feature to let me know what you think. Without further ado… … 1 … Change Or Die: This article by Alan Deutschman came out a while ago […]

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A Fresh New Look for the New Year!

Jan 06, 2013 No Comments

.. Welcome to the newly re-vamped website for theBigRocks! My son Joe and I have been working over the past few weeks to design and test the new site and then bring all of the original content forward. Our new WordPress theme is called “Newscast”. It’s a bit more visual and easier to navigate than […]

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Willingness to Change

Jan 04, 2013 2 Comments

. . . Lasting change starts with our willingness to consider alternatives. I’ve found this to be true for groups – but just as importantly – for myself and other Change Agents. The mighty rivers of life, progress and decay all roll on whether we choose to actively engage in making decisions that could influence […]

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