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Change Agent Tip #18: No Way Without Know How

Nov 30, 2011 No Comments by

In my last post prior to the Thanksgiving break, I wrote about a “Recipe for Readiness” Change Agents can follow to improve their chances of success when guiding change.  My ingredient list included four things:  Knowledge  Skill  Capability  and Motivation. It’s Not Enough to Know: In the previous article I also shared that knowledge includes […]

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Top Ten Things I’m Thankful For

Nov 24, 2011 1 Comment by

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the States and like last year, I thought it might be a good idea to park the heavy topics I usually discuss here and instead share my 2011 Top Ten List of Things I’m Thankful For… So here it is: 10. Friends: I’m grateful for the hundreds of personal and professional […]

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Change Agent Tip #17: A Recipe for Readiness

Nov 20, 2011 1 Comment

It’s Thanksgiving week and like many Americans, we’ll be cooking up a huge feast with turkey and all the fixings at our house.  As I think about that once-per-year process of browning the perfect bird, I’m reminded of how much better the results turn out when I follow a recipe …and how some of my […]

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Change Agent Tip #16: Step In and Step Up!

Nov 06, 2011 1 Comment

Most winning teams owe at least some of their success to one or more members making an unexpected positive contribution. This was certainly the case with the 2011 St Louis Cardinals who reached the pinnacle of baseball’s 30-team mountain last week with a seventh-game victory over the snake-bitten Texas Rangers. Not only had the Redbirds […]

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