$165K for Zombies… Seriously?

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Undead Fakers Win $165,000 from the City of Minneapolis

The City of Minneapolis recently paid $165,000 to settle a lawsuit with a group of seven disaffected citizens who had taken to the streets of the 2006 Minneapolis Aquatennial dressed as zombies to protest against “mindless consumerism”.  A long strange story ensued… but suffice to say, the police questioned whether the bunch had weapons of mass destruction and detained them for almost two days..

Good News for the Undead: Apparently Zombies have 4th Amendment Rights too!

The crux of the lawsuit laid out by the undead crew and their living lawyers was that their demonstration represented no threat to anyone and that they were illegally detained.  According to the appellate litigation blog howappealing, a judge ruled in their favor:


Lawyers for the City considered their options before acquiescing.  To quote the news story on WCCO television in the Twin Cities:

“Minneapolis City Attorney Susan L. Segal told the Star Tribune that even though she thinks police acted reasonably, the settlement approved Friday was in the city’s best interest because juries can be unpredictable.”

For another tongue-in-cheek legal take on the story visit:

Now THOSE are some rockin' zombie threads!


…where they report that the heroes of the Thin Blue Line “confiscated the prosthetic leg of one of the zombies, for fear he might use it as a weapon, presumably to crack the skull of one of his jailers in order to more easily get at his brain?”

Does This Have Anything to Do With Guiding Successful Change?

I doubt it.

But I couldn’t resist working zombies into my blog.

It might reflect:

  • …how rule enforcement carried to an extreme may result in people making decisions that are hard to defend later.
  • …that self-expression carried to an extreme (or just dressing oddly and dancing badly in public) might subject one to undue attention and even overnight incarceration.

So there you have it.  Zombies, cops and lawyers… there has to be a punch line in there somewhere.  Anybody want to suggest one?


Question for chatter:

  1. What (if anything) can we learn from this story about zombies, cops and lawyers?

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